Herods Residence Club  HRO 

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Herods Residence Club
North Shore
Eilat 88000

Herods Residence Club

The Herods Residence Club is part of the Herods Complex, located on the beachfront of Eilat's north shore. Overlooking the beautiful Red Sea and the new lagoon, this resort offers studio and one-, two-, and three-bedroom units that are fully air conditioned and all with a balcony. The resort additionally has a choice of five restaurants, a spa, and a hotel beach.

The city of Eilat is located in southern Israel, between the Edom Mountains and the Red Sea Gulf.The rare combination of a desert and marine climate create conditions where the water temperature remains constant all year long, ranging from 20 to 26 degrees Celsius. Consequently, a rare coral reef has developed in the waters of the Red Sea, where many varieties of exotic fish live in a breathtakingly beautiful environment.

The unique climatic conditions, dearth of rain, splendid scenery and abundance of rare natural phenomena have made the region an international tourist attraction, and the city is packed with tourists all year around. Many of them seek accommodation at Eilat’s hotels and, over the years, a hotel industry suitable for every budget has developed. You can find everything, from grass shacks on the beach to a boutique hotel in Eilat.

Most of the hotels in Eilat are located near the beach, amid cafes, restaurants, bars and shops.The city’s hotels and water sports clubs offer a wide range of attractions.

Everyday activities:

For the daring – windsurfing, kite surfing, waterskiing, jet skiing, kayaking, banana boats, flying banana boats and parasailing

For the cautious and for families – marine nature, swimming with dolphins, the underwater observatory, glass bottom boat, transparent kayaks, snorkeling, inner tubing, self-drive motorboats and pedal boats

Diving clubs and diving experiences for beginners and professionals


The employees at Eilat’s hotels will be happy to refer you to information about all types of trips, off-road, jeep and quad bike trips, camel rides for children and romantic trips in the desert.


Whether you’re indulging yourself at a boutique hotel in Eilat or participating in a professional conference, you really should leave your hotel for a moment and enjoy the IMAX movie theater, a WOW performance, the City of Kings and Timna Park.And that’s just the beginning of the list…


Eilat is known as an ideal romantic vacation spot for lovers.Total relaxation while swimming with dolphins, in a heated pool and at an Eilat boutique hotel,with an occasional romantic stroll through the city at sunset, are just a few of your options.